A Journey Through Space Rain

Jayleen Rennebergessential oils, natural living, self-development

My name is Rachel if you don’t already know me, I am the other half and not always the better half, of Pure Living Enthusiast. I am super fiery, and a total introverted extrovert. I am usually moody and I prefer being in small groups unless I want to be in a big group. What I love typically changes daily except for a few things:

My Kids

My Partner In Business

My Partner In Life

My Business

My Dogs

Blending Essential Oils

Blending oils or blending anything for my business is my art. It’s my craft. It’s what I absolutely fucking love to do! I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up yet but I do know I always want to be able to do this.

Just over a month ago we were honored to be commissioned to make a custom blend for Modern Gravity. If you don’t know who they are then you are really missing out! First, it’s a super radical float studio. No joke, other float studios are nice this place is the BOMB! From the time you walk in until the time you get into your personal float room, its an incredible experience. The float tank its self is not really a pod, more like another room, it even has an option for stars to be on while you float.  Second, this studio is also run by some of the most in tune, chill, real, beautiful, creative humans  I have ever met in my life.

When they commissioned us, they gave us very simple instructions and a possible name Space Rain (could that be anymore wicked?). The instructions… think Chill step vibes. All I could think was, are you kidding I can do that! I LOVE to think like that. A few days later I was still slightly uninspired, Jay and I had come up with a list of oils we thought would work but I just didn’t feel like blending. Then right when my life seemed to be at a very crazy, sad, upsetting, busy space, that little inside voice let me know that this was the moment to get mixing.  So I did!

I found this incredible mix on Youtube, told my family  I was going to blend,  put my head phones on, cranked the music and headed into my pantry/essential oil room. I closed the door, closed my eyes and set my intention. I used the music to tune into the vibe of the space, and the owners (whose faces I held onto in my mind). I danced to the beat and moved with the rhythm. I was grabbing oils as their names popped into my head and when I got too wrapped up in what I thought it should be I stopped and let the music take me away again.

When  I was done, aside from feeling super calm and incredibly charged all at the same time,  I had three pretty great blends for them to try. My favorite part about this process, besides the 2.5 hour float I got when I dropped the oils off, was how I was really able to connect with a feeling they wanted and turn that into something that you now smell! Did you know smell is your only sense that passes the processing center of the brain and instantly triggers all kinds of cool shit in the body? Including emotion?

I hope when you visit modern gravity and smell Space Rain, you will feel the same incredible feelings of peace, life and clarity that I did when I was creating it!

With all my love and super chill step vibes (courtesy of the bad ass mix above and Space Rain)