A Business Built On Fatih


How pure essentials began

Why we Do what we Do!

This week I thought I would answer a question Jay and I get asked a lot when we are at shows with our products:

“How did you guys start out?”  Or “What inspired you to make these products?”

I love these questions so much because many times people assume we are trained in product making, or that this has been some long term dream of ours. That was just not the case and if anything making products was one of the last things we wanted to do.

When Jay and I met two years ago to talk about business we barely knew each other. We had attended a few meetings for a community hall we both were involved in and had started chatting about cloth diapers. It wasn’t until 6 months later when I returned from Costa Rica with this idea brewing in my mind about a wellness business that we really chatted. I had mentioned to her in passing about starting something that assisted others in being as healthy as possible from the inside out. Turned out, she had the same dream.

We had a meeting a few days later and our business and partnership was formed instantly.  The intention of this business was to assist and guide people to becoming happier, healthier and filled with purpose. We had a 50 page business plan that included workshops, a motivation and health tip text to phone, outdoor renegade fitness classes, cooking makeovers, and energy and spiritual work.

The first thing we launched with was a workshop on educating people on the toxins found in your home and demonstrating some easy DIY recipes for common home products. The workshops were a success, but people loved the samples we gave them so much they asked if we could just make the products for them.  Pure Essentials was born!

It is very fair to say that Jayleen and I fought against making products for almost a full year. However every time we tried to force our business into coaching, everything would slow down and I would get super angry and feel suffocated. It wasn’t until just after Christmas of 2014, I finally handed over the control of what I thought was going to be best for myself to the universe, that our line really became something awesome.

We developed a ton of new amazing products that people fell in love with; our face cream is one of those and probably the only thing saving me from my usual snake like winter skin. Our customers are giving us rave reviews daily and we are growing like crazy. Our line is quite large and we have something for everyone, and even a new body washes in the works!  I attribute all of this to source!  I didn’t know a damn thing about how to make products and I knew absolutely nothing about essential oils 2 years ago. The knowledge that’s crammed into my brain now is incredible and each and every piece has “fallen” into my lap at the perfect time.

Jay and I never sat down to develop products; we didn’t have recipes we absolutely did not want to be known for products. Our business has never been guided by us or what we want, it’s always been very divinely inspired. I know for both of us this isn’t the easiest task as we both like control over the end result, but this business is being built on faith. That actually scares the ever living shit out of me, but it is very cool at the same time. Our products have also now given us a stage to educate people on toxins and healthy living. It has taught us many lessons on moving into love and out of fear. It has given me a new family and allowed me to create a community to which I can be entirely myself.

Where will we go from here? We honestly are not entirely sure, but we do know we are going to continue to create and develop high quality body care at an affordable price. You may even start to see us popping up with transformational circles, and giving talks on moving into love based decision making! Our mission is to inspire radical change and growth in others, through love and purpose! It just so happens, that road is lined with all natural body care!

Love, Faith and Purpose,