Beach Balm

Natural Sunscreen

Beach Balm is not only protective against harmful sun rays but also nourishing and healing for the skin. The non-nano zinc oxide is an amazing ingredient deemed to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. We have added it to an amazing blend of oils including coconut oil and cocoa butter, that not only smell great but are also gentle and healing for the skin. The base allows for easy application and a little bit will go a long way. The green tea extract powder adds powerful antioxidants and nutrients to the skin to help it allow it to heal and look its best. We’ve added lemongrass essential oil to act as a mild bug repellent and myrrh essential oil to combat sun damage to make our balm be one of the best on the market. Heal and protect all at the same time with the Beach Balm.

Vacation Must Have’s

What to bring on vacation

As I write this blog, I’m staring out at Shuswap lake and watching the kids play in the sand. Vacation is awesome. Now that I travel with kids and a husband with celiac disease, my must-have’s for packing have changed dramatically over the years. Yes, wine is still on the list of must-have’s, but other things on the list have changed. …