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Millions of consumer dollars are spent each year on anti-aging formulations. There are big mega-corporations that have perfected the science of skin. Their products work, but at a cost. Many of the “miracle” skin companies use chemicals and fragrances that can lead to major issues with hormones and some have even been linked to cancer. So what’s the secret to naturally perfect skin?

Switch To All Natural Products Like Pure Essentials.

The natural oils like pumpkin seed oil are high in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that are excellent for skin regeneration and health. In a way, our skin actually eats too, through absorption. It consumes approximately 60% of what we put on it. We also have a huge microbiome on our skin that helps our immunity and makes our skin look great. Putting chemicals on our skin impairs our microbiome’s function while feeding it natural oils and essential oils improves it.  Choosing high quality oils gives our skin high quality food that makes it happy and healthy. Natural oils can also combat free radical damage from the sun and other pollutants in our environment, slowing signs of aging.

Eat Lots Of Greens Like Spinach, Parsley, Cilantro, Kale and Celery

These greens are known to help keep your liver functioning optimally so it can clear out environmental pollutants that we all get exposed to in our world. They give our body vitamins and minerals that are important for overall cell health, including that of the skin. Greens also help to reduce inflammation in our body that can be a main contributor to skin irritations. Consuming an alkaline diet has been linked to improved skin health (aka. eating lots of greens).

Sleep! At least 7 hours.

Everyone’s sleep needs are different but most of us need at least 7 hours of regeneration time at night. When my babies were waking up 5 times a night, I looked awful as my Dad kindly pointed out. Now that I’m getting a full night’s sleep again, 5 years has come off my face! Night is the time our body goes into repair mode. It clears out accumulated toxins, re-sets hormones and clears out damaged cells. When we don’t get enough, or it is interrupted, our repair is incomplete leading to an overload of work the next night and the next night…

Use Scent Wisely

Most of us are pulled to use body care products because of how they smell. I don’t blame you, scent can have an amazing calming effect on the entire body. The problem comes when scent is chemically derived. Instead of using products that say “fragrance”, “fragrant oil” or “parfum” choose ones like ours that use essential oils! Essential oils will not only smell great but they will have an even stronger effect on calming your system and have been shown to help balance hormones. There are many that are amazing at cleaning out pores, repairing damaged skin and treating age spots like blue tansy, frankincense, neroli, myrrh and lavender.

Meditate Or Engage In Relaxing Activities Every Night

Have you noticed that true yogi’s always look way younger than they really are? There has actually been research done on this and it has shown that meditation is the key. Reducing our stress reduces our stress lines! If you’re not into meditation, that’s ok, taking 15-20m at least 5 days a week to engage in a self care ritual like an at home facial, a salt bath or even a motorcycle ride may have the same effect. Managing stress is also an amazing way to assist in balancing hormones. Acne and breakouts, especially around the mouth and chin have been shown to be related to hormone imbalances.

Our face is a reflection of overall health. When we take the time to take care of our bodies, our skin usually improves dramatically. I’ve seen people’s skin improve dramatically by controlling inflammation though diet, reducing environmental toxins, promoting stress reduction, balancing hormones and ensuring adequate sleep. Approaching skin in this way will have an amazing effect on your overall health too. It’s a double win!

Incorporate These Tips Today And Let Us Know Your Results,

Jay And Rae

Pure Essentials by Pure Living Enthusiast